Getting Started With Exercise?

Are you just getting started with exercise? Congratulations! Whatever your motivation is, improved health, fitting back into your ‘skinny jeans’, or you want more energy, it’s important to come up with goals. Here are some things to think about: 

Goal 1: Find a Time & Remain Committed 
Figure out when you’re going to head to the gym or workout at home. Whether it’s weight loss or building  new muscles you have to have a regular, consistent time to workout. 
Goal 2: Follow Through 
Start out with three days a week for two to three months. The amount of time doesn’t matter – it could be ten minutes, twenty minutes and even longer. Let’s just get started and get it into your schedule. Short bouts are better than nothing and makes it easier to stick with exercise for the long haul. 
Goal 3: Keep a Workout Diary 
Exercise is a priority in my life. Every day I work out I write down what I did and I might include how much weight I lifted or the number of reps completed. I like looking over a few weeks of my workouts. If  weight loss is your goal, get a body fat analysis performed, or once a week write down your weight. Over time, you’ll be able to see improvements in all these areas. Just pick a statistic and follow it, such as your lowered blood pressure or how much longer you can stay on the treadmill now than when you first began. 

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