Cold Sores

Cold Sores: Apply a milk compress. According to Jerome Z. Litt, M.D., author of Your Skin from A to Z, a protein called lactoferrin in milk helps fight the herpes-simplex virus and speed healing. “You need to use cold, whole milk for the best results,” says Dr. Litt. Hold the compress to your infected lip for 2 minutes four times a day.

Dandruff: Right before you go to bed, dampen your dome with a little warm water and then rub a quarter-size dollop of baby oil into your scalp. When you wake up, shampoo as usual. Baby oil penetrates and helps soften up the dandruff scales, loosening them so they fall right off in the shower the next morning.

Chapped Lips: Use pure petroleum jelly. No aloe. No vitamin E. No lanolin. Use your tongue to wet them first and then slather on some jelly to seal in the moisture.

Get Ripped Abs: Grab a pair of light dumbbells (5 to 10 pounds) and lie faceup on the floor with your feet flat and your knees bent at about 90 degrees. With your elbows slightly bent, extend your arms straight back so that your biceps are next to your ears and the dumbbells are about an inch off the floor. Now, using your abdominals to keep your lower back pressed flat against the floor, slowly raise and lower the dumbbells about an inch. Repeat as many times as you can.

This exercise will increase your abdominal strength as well as improve your posture. As the exercise becomes easier, do more reps.

Beat Bad Breath:  Gargle with green tea. When researchers at the University of British Columbia tested different strategies for eliminating bad breath, they found that green tea was most effective at wiping out the germs and the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) that cause stench mouth. (Chewing gum and mints actually increased the amount of VSC.)

While green-tea supplements were used in the study, iced green tea, like the bottled kind made by Arizona and Honest Tea, also contains some of the key odor-neutralizing antioxidants called catechins; just make sure you swish it around before swallowing.

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