Cut your risk of stroke by 34 percent!

High blood pressure (HBP) is a life-threatening condition for millions of Americans. Drugs that help HBP can have serious side effects.

Prof. MacGregor and his team have shown that you can lower blood pressure with Potassium chloride. This is the main component in HBP drugs. So his team looked at dietary potassium –  potassium citrate (in food) rather than chloride ( in the drugs).

They compared both types of potassium and their effect on HBP in a series of tests.

“Increasing [dietary] potassium [has] the same effect on blood pressure as potassium chloride,” says Prof. MacGregor.

His team believes that modern diets are the root cause of HBP. “Until recently, humans consumed a diet high in potassium,” says Prof. MacGregor. “However, with the increase of processed food, there has been a large decrease in potassium intake.”

Another reason why we’re lacking potassium is because we eat fewer fruits and vegetables. Instead, we’re switching to potassium-lite carbs and grains.

Basically a high-potassium diet lowers blood pressure. A research team at the Hypertension Unit of Ben Gurion University in Israel revealed that tomato extract effects blood pressure. They took 54 people with HBP. They treated half of them with tomato extract. The other half received a placebo. People taking the tomato extract averaged a reduction of more than 10 mmHg in systolic pressure (the top number on your blood pressure reading) and more than 5 mmHg in diastolic pressure (the lower number). This is amazing research because a reduction of just 5 mmHg can decrease your risk of stroke by 34 percent.

The best foods that are rich in potassium are bananas, cantaloupes, papayas, and honeydews. But I recommend your primary source of potassium be tomatoes. That’s because those other foods have a high glycemic score that triggers a hormonal response. One that leads to weight gain. And weight gain is also a factor in HBP. So stick with tomatoes because they have a lower glycemic score. Try to get them into your diet at least twice a day to lower your blood pressure.

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