Father’s Day Thoughts 2011 About Health

Staying healthy is a priority. Renewal of cells is more important then breaking down cells.

I am still not convinced that taking a medical pill is the right answer for many of our common health problems. I see too many clients getting better and decreasing medication with proper diet, nutrition and exercise. Give your body a chance and it will take care of itself. Just watch what happens when you break a bone. Once it’s put back into position, the bone will heal itself. And when it does, the brand-new bone is stronger than the bone it replaced.

Eat as much natural and organic foods as you can and avoid suger. With proper diet I see the body regenerate new cartilage if you have arthritis; restore clogged arteries; improve strength in your muscles and bonesbad skin improves; inflammation reduces.

Low back surgery is still not perfected and remains a last resort (even 30 years after I’ve seen doctors cutting into the spine).

Yoga and stretching are missing from many peoples programs.

Pilates is fun for many but not the best therapy for those with acute low back problems to start out with.

Kettlebells still rock! 

The anti-inflammatory diet allows the body to heal itself and should be the first line therapy for thoses with chronic conditions.

Take a medical food protein shake supplement every morning. I use UltraMeal by Metagenics or I use Xymogen shakes.

Your body can heal itself. Take antioxidants every day. People get cancer and other weird diseases when their immune systems weaken and they stop being able to overpower the cancer cells that have gone haywire. In all the years the medical industry has been fighting cancer, it has made very little progress. Yet natural therapies can and do work.

Laser therapy is an amazing treatment. It is natural. It is safe and it is based on science. Try it for pain and ask me if it can help your condition! 

Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes is fast becoming a national epidemic — a dangerous one, because it disables people and shortens their lives. If you are following the government’s recommended dietary plan, you probably feel good about your chances of avoiding diabetes. In fact, you are doing exactly what it takes to stimulate the disease. Diabetes is almost entirely preventable through diet and exercise! You can treat it without medication. I find the Paleo diet remarkable for this condition.

The Paleo Diet helps lower cholesterol.

In short, start to eliminate starchy foods; eat low-carb; drink a little red wine daily;  be uncensored in telling your family that you love them; have a great sex life – enjoy it frequently; exercise daily.



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