Weight Loss Math

To lose one pound of  body weight (fat) – you have to burn 3,000 calories. You  can burn calories through exercise, or decrease your intake of food calories by approximately 3,000 calories. Let’s break this down: you can exercise 250 calories daily and decrease your food calories by 250 per day. Do this every day for one week and you will lose one pound of body weight fat.

The strategy I use is to decrease 250 calories of food daily and increase your activity by 250 calories per day for seven days to reach the 3,000 calorie mark each week. My clients who do this  typically  lose a pound a week.

Break it down: Do 30 minutes of a combination of cardio (sprints) and one of my free weight programs to burn body fat and build muscle which automatically burns more calories during rest. I advocate cardio + resistance. That’s what I personally do. Too much aerobic exercise will burn calories from fat but can burn fuel from muscle cells-resulting in a loss of muscle mass-now you are screwed. The reason this happens is that periods of aerobic exercise cause the body to shift into survival mode. In this state, it strives to preserve access to fat cells by also burning fuel derived from muscle cells. It does this because the body is incapable of understanding our motivation for doing cardio. As far as it is concerned, it just needs to maintain fat reserves for any pending emergency situations where we might not have access to food. By combining your workouts with resistance + cardio activities, you can burn up to 44% more calories. The bottom line is that resistance + cardio workouts burn considerably more calories and fat than ordinary cardio alone.

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