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April 3, 2011 

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Are you prepared for radiation?
April Fat Burning Tip
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Dear Jeffrey,
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker


March had many highlights. Lots of unfortunate world headline news that I am deeply concerned about (see my thoughts below), and two big exciting professional symposiums for me. I had the pleasure of meeting with a multidisiplinary group of “Who’s Who” in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainers & Massage Therapists from around the USA and Canada. We met in Dallas for a weekend sponsored by The Hygenic Corporation. These are the people who make the Therabands & Biofreeze products that I use in my practice for exercise therapy & pain relief. The purpose was to learn the latest technology in exercise therapy and have a ‘train-the-trainer’ sharing experience.


The last weekend of the month I was in Orlando with my favorite group of doctors from around the country. These are specialists in exercise therapy & rehabilitation. I taught a class on using the overhead squat to assess the cervical spine.


I am living my commitment to stay ‘cutting edge’, current with assessments, special testing and multi-disciplinary & multi-modality treatments along with precise client self care protocols to help clients eliminate pain and injuries and enjoy healthy aging.    


Warm regards



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Posture and Mobility: Nine Steps to Assessing and Improving Your Health available – order now!

In my e-book Posture and Mobility: Nine Steps to Assessing and Improving Your Health, you are taken through self-assessment tests, and then guided through a progressive and safe exercise format to increase your strength, range of motion, power and endurance. If you have been searching for a way to increase physical health, this book will help you.


A recent comment was “Working through your e-book. My glute medius has never been stronger!”

Order directly from and have this professionally-bound book delivered to your door for $37.75 or download the book electronically for only $18.75.

Radiation Protection Strategies  

ARE YOU PREPARED YET? Make no mistake, Fukushima is in a meltdown, and radiation is now showing up in U.S. milk and other products. If you are living anywhere in Hawaii, Alaska or North America and you are NOT prepared for radioactive fallout, you are falling behind the curve on what is happening right now.


I cannot repeat this strenuously enough: I urge all friends & clients to get squared away NOW with extra food, water, emergency medicine, iodine sources, extra fuel in your cars and a well-thought-out plan for what to do if a radiation fallout emergency is declared… just in case! While I pray this situation does not unfold, it is now well within the realm of possibility.



The one thing eveyone talks about is Potassium iodine. But this is extremely dependent on timing. Take a one-time high dose of 130 mg of potassium iodine (children take 65mg) no sooner than 24 hours before acute exposure. That’s it! Iodine by itself lasts in the body for ony 24 hours. But too much potassium iodine in your body can become a thyroid problem as well. 


Other important nutrients to include are glutathione, magnesium and other antioxidants such as C, E, NAC, Lipoic acid, acetly-L-carnitine, and Coenzyme Q10. I personally added Mitochondrial Resuscitate & MetalloClear to my already complete supplement list. You can order both of these from Metagenics.




Fat Buring Strategies

Are you burying your 6 pack abs under a layer of pudge? Working out hard does not always show up in the way your body looks. There could be a layer of fat hiding your hard work.

I have heard about, and used all the tricks to help clients burn fat. I get it, people want quick and efficient results. After all, who has hours to spend on the endless drudgery of a fricking treadmill?

Are you gonna spend more time replaying in your head the past look you had in high school or college, or lost in fantasy about the look you want? I’m sharing everything I have in these newsletters so you better be passing them on to friends and family. This is the stuff those really ripped guys and girls at the gym have figured out and aren’t telling you, cause they don’t want you showing them up!

April Fat Burning Tip
Build muscle to burn fat. Muscle tissue is highly active metabolically, and it helps us burn more calories during the day. Building muscle mass improves insulin, your “storage” hormone. Its job is to transport fuel into your cells. When your body fat percentage creeps too high and insulin comes knocking on your cell membranes door, your lean muscle mass stops answering the door and sends the material back to the fat cells for storage. 
Build muscle with weight lifting (free weights & kettlebells in my book!) exercises to help and improve insulin sensitivity!  

L-o-n-g s-l-o-w cardio can actually cause you to LOSE muscle because it increases your level of cortisol. I like to teach clients to focus on short bursts of high intensity effort using free weight and kettlebell exercises that target the entire body in all its ranges of motion. You can actually BUILD muscle while you do your cardio! If you ask me, the way I work out is a lot more fun than s-l-o-w l-o-n-g cardio.


You don’t have to spin your life away on an exercise bike to get the shredded look you’re after. And you don’t have to sacrifice your hard-earned muscle to get lean. You can spend a lot of time and energy putting your own program together using these principles. Or you can let me do it for you. The most effective program I’ve seen to lose weight and get lean is the program you do (I’ll train you how), coupled with medical food protein shakes. 

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to let me help you design a personal program. 


 Bonus: Order Metagenics at 10% 0FF UltraMeal Bars


Drug -Free Pain Treatments That Work Best

Everyone with chronic pain can safely start the Anti-inflammatory diet – no sugar, alcohol, gluten, dairy, preservatives, & chemicals. If that sounds to daunting start by eliminating one thing each week. The minimum supplements I recommend you should be taking are high amounts of EPA/DHA (EPA-DHA 720, three softgels up to three times daily with food), Vitamin D3 (IsoD3 5,000 i.u. daily) and digestive enzymes (Metazyme, one tablet during each meal). Order from Metagenics 800-692-9400 or click on the link.


Additional Supplements for chronic pain:


UltraInflamX Plus 360 medical food is a shake that contains Turmeric, Ginger, Rosemary extract, as well as other vitamins and minerals plus 15 grams of protein. Two scoops in water or juice 1 – 2 times daily. Order from Metagenics 800-692-9400 or click on the link.


Kaprex is for joint relief and contains hops, iso-alpha acids, Olive Leaf extract and Rosemary Leaf extract. Dose is two softgels three times daily. Order from Metagenics 800-692-9400 or click on the link.


Chronic pain depletes serotonin, GABA and dopamine and other catecholamines (which in turn amplify pain perception); so nutrients that address serotonin (such as Tryptophan, 5HTP, and vitamin D) and dopamine and catecholamines are useful. Trancor and Symphora (4 each per day). Order from Metagenics 800-692-9400


Quercetin  (Resveratin Plus – 12 capsules daily). Order from XYMOGEN 1-800-647-6100


Acute Trauma: Traumeel tablets – take 1 tablet every 15 minutes for 3 hours then cut back to 1 every hour for day 1; 1 every 2 hours on day 2 and 1 every 3 hours per day until you come in for a visit. Traumeel tablets are easily purchased in health food stores.


Peripheral neuropathy, including diabetic neuropathy:

Take Insinase  which contains Alpha Lipoic Acid 540 mg BID and  Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL 400 mg BID. Order from Metagenics 800-692-9400.


Osteoarthrits or Rheumatoid Arthrits:

UltraInflamX 360



Iso D3


Muscle Pain/Fibromyalgia:

Combinations of Magnesium, Calcium, Valerian root and Hops are essential. See my list for chronic pain and include UltraInflamX 360.


Capsaicin (Capsicum frutescens) cream:

Capsaicin is the main component in hot chili peppers (also known as cayenne). Applied to the surface of the skin, it is believed to deplete stores of a substance that contributes to inflammation and pain in arthritis. Several studies have shown that capsaicin cream provided much better pain relief than a placebo but no improvement in joint swelling, grip strength, or function for people with OA. Pain reduction generally begins 3 to 7 days after applying the capsaicin cream to the skin. Apply the cream 4 times daily.


Biofreeze gel:

This is another topical pain reliever used in pain management. This is especially good for sore or strained muscles; shoulderand arm pain; neck, hip, and leg pain; back pain; arthritis pain; painful joints; diabetic neuropathy; tendonitis; and bursitis. Biofreeze needs to be applied 4 times daily.


KinesioTaping procedures are an invaluable aide in everything from chronic edema (swelling) reduction to reduction of muscle tension/pain.


My two favorite modalities for chronic pain continue to be the Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) and warm laser.


If you are still in pain come in for a session and I’ll discuss what the best natural choices are for you to improve your pain level!


Order Metagenics UltraInflamX 360 medical food 

Please forward my newsletter to your friends, family and coworkers.  And please feel free to contact me with your questions, comments and suggestions. 
Please stay committed to your health, fitness and nutrition efforts.
Warm regards,
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker
Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS is seven tests that include a squat, hurdle step, lunge, shoulder mobility, active straight leg raise, push up & rotary stability test. The most recent research completed on the FMS was performed in Quantico, VA at the Marine Officer Candidate School. They screened over 900 Marines and followed them through basic training and found that the individuals who had a score > 14, were twice as likely to not graduate due to injury than those with higher scores. This goes right along with the previous research found in the NFL. Football players who scored less than 14 are more likely to be injured during the season. Are you at risk of injury from your workout? Come in for a Functional Movement Screen and find out! 
Call today to schedule your FMS Consultation:  310-473-2911
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