Millions of people at risk of hypomagnesemia

Over 20 million people in the U.S. alone use precription strength proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) to relieve heartburn and acid reflux (Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid). Precription strength proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) may deplete your magnesium levels. Low magnesium contributes to a variety of severe health problems. Hypomagnesemia is a deficiency of magnesium.  Magnesiium deficiency can occur in as lillte as one year of starting the drug, but some  people can become deficient within just three months. In approximately one-quarter of the cases reviewed, magnesium supplementation alone did not improve low serum magnesium levels and the PPI had to be discontinued says the FDA. That’s how severe the magnesium deficiency can become. Low magnesium levels can result in serious adverse events including muscle spasm (tetany), irregular heartbeat (arrhythmias), and convulsions (seizures). When your magnesium level is sufficient it helps reduce risk of cognitive decline and plays a key role in DNA production. Magnesium is also essential for keeping your blood sugar in check. Think Type 2 Diabetes here.  Healthy bones rely on magnesium too.

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