Dr. Tucker interviewed about posture for ‘Delicious Living’ magazine

Chiropractor  Jeffrey Tucker, DC Los Angeles, California
Build a tall spine

  • good posture is good body mechanics – you should look symmetrical, without a forward head posture, have level shoulders and a level pelvis; no sway back, flat back, or rounded shoulders; and feet pointed relatively forward 
  • be aware of things you didn’t know could harm posture like sleeping on your stomach and wearing worn out shoes
  • stay in a “tall-spine” posture, and take breaks from sitting after more than 30 to 60 minutes
  • stand up and raise hands above head with arms extended and elbows in line with ears; bend backward as far as possible, making sure hips go forward and arms go backwards; repeat ten times
  • duplicate that feeling of proper alignment, when your muscles feel properly stretched and the joints feel like they are moving and gliding

Find balance

  • if you notice feet and angle rotation issues, use an insert or orthotic to improve gait, posture, and faulty breathing patterns like tightness in the neck and shallow breathing from slumped posture
  • improve balance by standing on one leg while maintaining good posture, or perform the cobra yoga pose, which engages the muscles of your upper, middle, and lower back; gluteals; and rear shoulders
  • [cobra yoga pose] lie on your stomach with the tops of your feet contacting the floor, buttocks squeezed together, belly button drawn in towards the spine, and arms along your side; point thumbs upward, while lifting upper body off the ground; maintain tight buttocks and feet in contact with the floor; pause at this end position, squeeze should blades together and directing hands toward your feet; repeat 10 to 15 times for one to three sets, with 30 to 60 seconds between sets

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