A recent interview of me by a magazine reveals my take on selling products

Why is it important for doctors to resale products in their practice? (i.e. bottom line). Aside from bottom line, in what other ways can resale benefit your practice and your patients? (i.e. patient education, compliance, etc.)  

I sell product to show people I’m serious, and that I mean what I say. I tell clients that this isn’t just another ‘thing’ for them to fail in. I’m serious about there health care and if you manage others health issues and decision making process, start treating clients exactly as you treat yourself and your family. If you like a product for yourself and you use it, so should clients!  Selling products is not about income, we should be encouraging our clients therapeutic lifestyle changes, diet-related behaviors, exercise routines, cardio training, postures, etc.

 Talk about the importance of selling “quality” products as opposed to just anything on the market or products the doctor doesn’t necessarily “believe” in.

The way I see it, details will make or break a treatment plan. I don’t really have that many products that I recommend to clients, and the products I recommend depend on the treatment goals, priorities, and exercise routines. Diet and exercise programs need to be detailed, and leave very little room for personal interpretation and choice, especially when it comes to corrective exercise training. This is simply because people will screw themselves over if they think they are allowed to add or modify things on their own. Diet is a lot more flexible as long as some fundamental rules are followed. The quality of the products you recommend, supply, sale, and how specific you get with products reflect in the success of your client’s health.

 Talk about the importance of design and setup when it comes to resale. (i.e. will an attractive product area in the office help sell the product?)

I am probably the worst person to talk to about office product design and setup for resale because it took me years to figure out how to make it work. I practice with two MD’s and another DC. We have a chaotic front desk and all of us have independent practices and sell different items to our clients. For the longest time I didn’t carry any product or supplements in the office because I was afraid of not being able to control inventory. I started with an on-line approach to providing sales products. This was convenient for me and my clients, but patients being patients, sometimes they followed through and sometimes they didn’t. However, consistently having products available on-line has been helpful to clients success. Eventually I got around to hiring a cabinet builder to make some nice window cabinets in each of my treatment rooms. I think it’s my intention  to help my clients that allows the product to sell.  

 The rehab industry is rapidly growing. Why are rehab products a more ideal fit for doctors looking to resell products?

Clients number one priority when they came and see us is ‘help and results’. Doctors need to be a positive influence and if you have knowledge about rehab you will provide greater customer service. Providing products allows clients to feel participatory and responsible for there own care. Whatever treatment technology you believe in, a doctor specializing in exercise rehabilitation, helping people lose weight, managing back aches through posture training, or sports performance, if you get them on the right path to a healthier lifestyle, you will be have a busy practice. The demand for rehab services has never been higher.


 Will patients be more compliant if they can buy a product from your office and take it home to use?

People are more likely to quit bad habits (poor posture, smoking, etc) when a doctor advises them to do so. Most people who are not taking supplements have probably been thinking to themselves that they should probably take them thousands of times, but yet they don’t take action until their doctors tells them to do so. Clients respect your advice.

It’s my job to encourage therapeutic lifestyle changes such as exercise, diet-related behaviors, cardio, stretching, meal planning, etc. In the new health care system, health professionals will inspire patients to improve health, prevent disease and enhance longevity. My experience suggests that the products I supply are used by my clients. 

Should doctors provide point of sale material with products?  

Deliver more value than the sum of your business unit parts. Provide the patient with resources and remove barriers to them getting what they need. By providing product I am eliminating barriers to implementation of my recommendations.

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