Vitamin E – don’t give up on it!

Researchers at Finland’s University of Helsinki examined many years of data collected on more than 10,800 subjects. Their first conclusion: Vitamin E has no effect on mortality.

But when they looked at specific sub-groups, one group stood out:
Lifespan was extended by two years in more than 2,280 men who used vitamin E supplements, and also had a higher than average vitamin C intake, smoked less than a pack of cigarettes per day, and were at least 71 years old. If you smoke and you think a little vitamin E pill is supposed to undo that damage, you are crazy! 

But the fact that “Lifespan was extended by two years”…I’m impressed!

If you take a daily E to help control free radical damage throughout your body, that is a smart step toward living healthier. An E supplement is also likely to help keep your heart healthy, reduce stroke risk, enhance your immune system, and maintain a healthy prostate.
Mainstream medicine has not been kind to vitamin E in the press lately so I wanted to make sure you understand the truth. 

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