UltraClear cleanse & health tips

You know I love to offer health tips, especially about  anti-aging, weight management, and exercise. 

The best anti-aging health tip to maintain the body’s fluidity and strength is using the foam roll, practice regular yoga and perform kettlebell & free weight workouts. I want your body to stay robust, your brain sharp, and your emotions full of joy.

As far as diet goes, so far this year I’ve seen lots of clients do the UltraClear cleanse. I’m asking clients to avoid junk foods and eat less carbs. I’m still telling clients to drink more than 6-8 glasses of water daily. You can drink limewater or lemonwater throughout the day.

Let me know if you want to do the 10 day UltraClear cleanse. Call the office at 310-473-2911

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