Resveratrol keeps making news!

Resveratrol is a plant enzyme. Studies show that it thins blood, which reduces the risk of heart attack. Research also shows that it is an anti-inflammatory. This is BIG  because if we can clear out inflammation, especially chronic inflammation we can help a lot people with chronic conditions like heart disease. It will also help acute inflammation characterized by swelling, redness, and pain produced by injury.

I am certain that when I get rid of my patients inflammation, using ultrasound, laser, my hands, supplements etc, they feel better.

I don’t use medication to treat inflammation, I use therapy, diet, and gentle movement exercises. Treating inflammation is all about simple lifestyle changes and eating the right foods to “cool the fire down.”  Studies show that resveratrol will help you do just that. And the best part is that it’s easy to find. Resveratrol is naturally abundant in grapes and berries.

Xymogen makes a great product called Resveratin. It has 150mg of Resveratrol in it. Order Resveratin by calling Xymogen at 1-800-647-6100. My Doctor code is TUC500.

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