Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease, a diagnosis my mother has recently been given, has alot of my attention. Currently her mind is very alert but occassionally she is repeating the same stories or information that she already told me. I can see her struggle finding the right words for some types of information.
Her gait has declined into a shuffling gait and she uses a walker. Her speaking voice remains strong.

I have encouraged a low gylcemic diet and a paleo approach to her eating. Her blood glucose has remained well controlled and keeping her off desserts has helped tremendously. My mother has been losing weight and although her legs continue to weaken, I am happy she is sharp intellectually. 

It is known that creating a state of ketosis protects brain cells from oxidative stress. It provides at least some of this protection through the
antioxidant action of ketone bodies. Some researchers are even asserting
that the ketogenic diet can halt or prevent Alzheimer’s disease and
Parkinson’s disease. Once again it’s not about low fat. I’ll keep you posted.

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