Paleo diet + exercise = 20 lb lost in 16 weeks

 The first session I started my client on the Paleo diet. The second session I taught her a 30-minute workout program that she could do at home on her own two to three times per week. I didn’t give her any cardio. She began to see results in  lowered  blood pressure even without much attention to the diet. By the end of the first month she gradually began cleaning up the diet to a more Paleo program (grass fed meat, seeds, organic vegetables and fruits, low carb) and saw results in terms of more rapid weight loss, easing of GURD symptoms, and dropping sinus allergy meds.

She said to me that she felt like she was on the right track regarding her diet and exercise program. I  didn’t force her into everything at once, I let her go at her own pace. I monitored her lean fat mass and body fat composition and showed her the improvements. Then, after another few months I  introduced the concepts of intermittent fasting and fasting before morning workouts.  Her body responded and the fat loss got even more rapid. Her lousy sleep patterns were  also improving.

I did suggest some supplements. I recommeded the Metagenics Wellness Essentials for Women. Simple and reasonable. Take a packet in the morning and another in the night.  Because of her work schedule she rarely got outside to enjoy the sun. So, I suggested taking some additional vitamin D3 (2000 IU daily) and omega 3 fish oil (3-4 g total per day). 

As I recount the history and results of this successful patient, now more than 4 months later she has achieved her weight loss goal of 20 pounds.

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