Weight loss

I am about  teaching new lifestyles…time and time again I see that by decreasing carbohydrates in the diet improves most patients results.  Just being on a “diet”  ultimately fails because this does not teach appropriate healthy eating techniques for long-term weight maintenance.

Focus on small lifestyle changes: Reducing portions, controlling calories, increasing physical activity, and including more fruits and vegetables can help prevent weight gain without feelings of deprivation.

This year I will continue using UltraMeal and other medical food protein shakes, in conjunction with the Paleo lifestyle, kettlebells, free weights and yoga to create the most value in relation to improving weight management.

So far this year, as in the past, my clients are having successful outcomes, as they focus on a combination of diet and exercise.

Your health is more important to me, eat right and exercise, lets avoid diabetes and heart disease. Choose healthful foods, organic meats, organic vegetables, organic fruits, avoid fast and convenience foods which contribute little nutrients but lots of calories.  

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