It’s 2/3/11 Are you still focusing on weight loss or getting healthy?

How many people do you know dieting for weight-loss and they actually wind up gainning more weight in a few months?

Rather than focusing on weight loss, you would be better off  focusing on improving your overall health.

I’m not so worried about you being fat, I worry that fat people don’t move around as much as most ‘not overweight’ people. A weight-focused diet approach does not, in the long run, produce thinner, healthier bodies.

Don’t feel guilt, anxiety, or have a preoccupation with food and body shape – let’s get you moving more, then the weight gain will stop. Let’s start to develop healthy habits like walking for 30 minutes daily for 3 weeks in a row, rather than on weight management.

By changing health behaviors I’ve seen improvements in blood pressure, blood lipids, self-esteem, body image, and other indicators of health and well-being, independent of any weight change and without the negative aspects of weight-focused approaches. While weight loss may result, the goal is self-care rather than weight loss. 

Are you in?

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