It’s 2/2/11 How’s your New Years weight loss resolution going?

Has it been a Happy New Year? I think so! I’m sticking to practicing yoga every other day, and my heavier kettlebell/free weight workout every other day, just like I said I would. Are you giving it your best? Don’t let me hear you f@#* around with resolutions, such as rules of “don’t do x,” or “do x,” but rather, finally resolve to look, feel, and be better! by 12/31/2011…no matter what it takes…and all it really takes is a simple recognition of what’s most important to you (looking GOOD!, losing weight, being more alive!). I’m here to help you take the simple steps to get you there.

For you real dumbheads: when you feel like a splurg, have it.  Just get right back on track the next meal. Eat more protein, less carbs and let’s get you exercising.

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