Circiut training to get lean & strong

Here is a circuit that I provided to one of my clients to help her achieve her New Years resoloution for weight loss and getting back into her favorite pair of jeans:

  • Total-body exercise: Four-count squat thrusts
  • Upper-body exercise: Push-ups
  • Lower-body exercise: Scissor step-ups
  • Core/trunk exercise: Abdominal sit-backs
  • Total-body exercise: Squats to presses
  • Upper-body exercise: 1 Arm rows
  • Lower-body exercise: One-leg squats
  • Core/trunk exercise: Low-back arch ups 
  • This circuit  has good cardiac demand for weight loss. This program will give her the look she wants and develop strength and mobility in the knees, hip joints and butt;  stability and strength in the upper trunk and arm, abdominal, and pelvic regions; and her core strength will improve.

The circuit requires performing each exercise for 60 seconds and moving on to the next exercise – performing one exercise  right after another. If she needs a break between exercises it should be as short as possible. At the end of the circiut she can rest for two minutes and then perform the entire circuit again. It should be done 3-4 times per week.

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