Weight Loss Thoughts

Everyone knows I am partial to the Paleo diet and Mediteranean  Diet.  Whichever diet you pick for 2011,  I repeatedly see those clients that make behavioral changes have the best weight loss success.  

In one study in 2010, Dr. Foster and his team recruited more than 300 obese adults and monitored them for two full years while half followed a low-carb diet and half followed a low-fat diet. Guess what – the results were nearly identical – subjects lost equal amounts of weight with both diets. But there was one huge difference: heart disease risk factors. 

The low-carb groups enjoyed significant improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol status. Most impressively, triglyceride levels dropped while HDL increased by well over 20 percent.

Of course, these results completely fly in the face of the nutritional mainstream’s most sacred cow–that eating animal fats will harm your heart.  Let me say it one more time – restrict your carbohydrate intake. Eat all the protein and animal fat you desire.

So which group would you rather be in? The group that just loses weight? Or the group that never goes hungry, loses weight AND improves heart health? When you are ready I’m here to help you lose weight by adding in the proper exercise, mind set and supplements.

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