New study shows protein-rich, low-GI diet protects weight loss

Weight management should, in theory, be a simple math problem: Balance calories consumed with calories burned, and your weight should remain steady. Shift that balance, and your weight should shift accordingly.

The truth is that it’s not just how much you eat but exactly what you eat that makes a difference in weight management. Carbs and proteins, fiber and fat are what we hear about. The big question that needs to be figured out is: “What’s the right mixture of these nutrients for weight loss and/or longevity?”

Recently the New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that a diet in higher-protein, lower-glycemic-index foods prevailed was better able to maintain recent weight loss than those who ate less protein and higher-glycemic-value foods. And those who followed a low-protein, high-glycemic-index diet were more likely to regain their lost weight.

A meal full of lean protein such as grilled chicken breasts with spinach can help with weight management.

If you follow my articles, you know I’ve been a continous advocate of high protein diets. Protein tends to help keep you feeling full longer than most other nutrients. Eating high protein is satisfying and easy to stick with.

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