Holiday Emotional Eating

Have  you been on lots of diets this year? Are you going to stay on your diet during the holidays?  

I want to encourage you to make your 2010 weight loss permanent as we close the year.

When I sit down with clients and talk about weight loss, it’s to discuss the change you can create in your relationship with food and break the bad habits you have developed throughout life.

I undestand comfort eating and emotional eating. Comfort eating occurs when we eat to deal with destructive emotions and  problematic aspects of our lives. Common reasons for comfort eating are boredom, anxiety, stress and suffering.

To help overcome this, keep a food diary of everything you eat for the last two weeks of the month and describe how you feel when you eat. Identify your triggers for emotional eating and make them easier to handle.

Keep your exercise program intact during the holidays. Keep the right mind-set and have realistic weight loss expectations during the holidays. If you were planning on losing between 1-2 pounds per week before the holiday, during the holidays expect  half-a-pound to 1 pound of fat lose per week.

Stick to your proper foods on your list (anti-inflamatory diet, Paleo diet, Mediterranean Diet) – make healthy choices during the holidays. If you make a bad food choice, start back on the program the very next day. Don’t blow it for the whole holiday season.

Good luck!