Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & licorice

If you never had enlarged & painful lymph nodes, you do not have CFS.

If your blood pressure tends to hypertension, you do not have CFS.

If your plasma cortisol levels are above normal values, you do not have CFS. Patients with CFS have low plasma cortisol levels.

Licorice potentiates the action of cortisol; licorice retains sodium and would tend towards causing hypertension.

Dosage of licorice: 2 grams pure non-deglycyrrhinized licorice must be completely dissolved in half a liter (500 ml) of cold whole milk. Drink this every morning. You can gradually & cautiously increase the dosage to 5 grams (it must be milk). If you allergic to milk you can use Isostar sport drink or Gatorade.

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