I had my body composition performed today. I’m at 10% fat, what’s yours?

Lots of diets look great on paper, but the proof is in the pudding…no pun intended.  Here’s a few “out there” tips to keep you off the bagels, muffins and candy – remember I’ve been an advocate for the Paleo diet for several years now. 

1.  If you sense you might be jumping off the food plan soon, load up on a meal of fatty meat.  For example, find a butcher who doesn’t trim the fat off the beef or pork chops, and eat that edge of fat like candy.  Don’t even use a fork or knife.  Just go for it – hands only. Don’t even wipe your chin.  Really get into it.  In fact have two steaks – cook the meat in the oven with almond butter sauce to make it even richer.  Forget the words should or could just for this meal.  I promise, veggies will still be there waiting for you next time around.

I doubt you’ll want any bread or jam or chips after this meal.

2.  If you feel the sugar devil about to pull you off the Paleo train, try this idea.  It works great in the evening.  Mix raw almond butter or hazelnut butter with carob powder, touch of salt, touch of non alcohol vanilla extract and some water to make a creamy paste.  Eat that straight with a hot cup of tea, or smash some fresh raspberries or blackberries or apple slices into it.  Its really rich
and hits the spot.  No cravings for M & M’s or ice cream should resurface for quite some time after this treat.

3.  Eat at least 2 eggs every morning with at least 3 ounces of some sort of meat or fatty fish on the side for breakfast everyday.  Eat some cooked green veggie with it, and a tablespoon of nuts or nut butter before you walk away from the table.  Then check in with yourself and see if you are missing english muffins or bagels.  I don’t think so….

Okay, my point is don’t hold back on the fat (and protein), and the myriad of satisfying foods in the Caveman pantry. The longer you stay Primal, your body and mind will fall into place.  

As far as weight control goes, I see the best weight loss results with clients eating lots of protein and fat…cut out the carbs. I had my body comp performed today. I’m at 10%, what’s yours?

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