Sexual health is important

Let’s face it, sexual health is important — testosterone levels should be checked on everyone!

Testosterone is an important part of every man’s health, and I suggest to my patients that they keep an eye on their levels, and normalize them if necessary. 

Alot of men have erection issues. Some can be helped by Tribulus Fruit and Ashwaganda Root. These two herbs may very well be two of the most important nutrients for every man over 40.

These are difficult herbs to get out of food sources so supplements are the best approach. As usual, I recommend a Paleo diet, eating plenty of steak, eggs, nuts & seed, and vegetables…but chances are that food just isn’t enough. As you age, hormones diminish, so we can use these herbs to help provide the hormones material.

These two herbs are included in the Wellness Essential for Men vitamin packets. I have heard of many male clients taking the Wellness Essential for Men packets by Metagenics and note improvements in 





  • mood
  • energy
  • sexual desire
  • erectile function
  • orgasm
  • sexual satisfaction








If your energy is really low, I suggest the Mitochondrial Renewal Kit by Xymogen in conjunction with the Wellness Essentials for Men. The Mitochondrial Renewal Kit contains Alpha-lipoic-acid, Resveratrol, and Arginine. Alpha-liopoic-acid can help men increase desire and stamina. 

  • Jump start your libido
  • Extend your endurance 

Xymogen  1-800-647-6100 pin# TUC500


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