How many carbs should I average on strictly low carb days?

Some people count carbs and some  don’t. If you are curious you can look the number of carbs up on Google. On a really low carb day you are looking at roughly 10 grams carbs each with breakfast and lunch, and up to 20 for dinner. Snacks of protein only, but no carbs for snacks.

If you do’t need to be limited to really low carbs, but you need to restrict yourcarbs, I’m suggesting roughly 100-150 grams of carbs per day.

What to eat can be a little tricky! You should stick to just two fruits per day; fruit gives you way too much fructose which is a load on the liver. Enjoy protein and fat like what I’ve talked about for paleo meals. Strict paleo eliminates many sources of starchy carbs: potatoes, dry beans, grains and pseudograins. Non-potato root veggies don’t have a high starch content. Winter squash would be good. Most nuts are good – Almonds, macadamea nuts, and chestnuts, are good this time of year.

Being on a low carb diet goes along with eating a low-oxalate diet. I have discovered that reducing oxalates improves many of my patients with fibromyalgia symptoms. After about 6 months of low-oxalate dieting, clients feel better. They describe being able to
walk, do light exercise, work in the yard, and better sleep. Apparently people with celiac disease  often get oxalate problems due to the compromised gut. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, many grains, all nuts except chestnuts, and almost all dried beans are high in oxalates. So this condition almost forces a paleo diet, and may explain why many people feel so better on a paleo diet with less pain, etc.

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