Circuit training and body fat loss

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During the past 20 years, I’ve conducted thousands of body composition tests. Those clients that have the best weight loss results and the most consistent results are doing three things: 1) Eating lower carbs and increasing proteins 2) Added resistance exercises to their training programs to boost their muscle power 3) Use UltraMeal medical food shakes. 

As a rehab specialist I advocate kettlebell resistance training  to reduce the rate of injury recurrence; to fortify leg muscles and strengthen ‘weak links’ in the body, including the abdominals, low-back muscles, the gluteals, hamstrings and shin muscles. Resistance work also improves tendon and ligament strength and increases bone density, which decreases the risk of injury. In addition, resistance workouts:

  • Heighten body awareness
  • Upgrade coordination
  • Reduce body-fat levels
  • Improve self esteem

All of these contribute to improved weight loss outcomes.

For patients interested in losing weight, the ideal time to initiate a resistance training program is sooner than later.  I usually need 5-7 sessions over a three to six-week period to get clients to where they can perform kettlebell resistance training at home on there own. But first, I teach clients how to develop a good foundation of suppleness (mobility), then strength, and stamina (endurance).

I’m educating clients about food choices, checking there body fat, and training them to simultaneously lose fat, build strength and stamina.

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