Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

The Vibram Five Fingers shoes are pretty good  for me so far. I’ve been intriqued by them from the beginning and I finally saw a lot men & women wearing them at a workshop I was attending about 3 weeks ago. I went to a local REI Store and they were sold out. In fact all of the REI Stores I called were sold out. They even said, the back order was already sold out!  A couple days later I went to the WLA  ‘Act 16’  Store and they had a good supply. I got two pairs, one has a slightly thicker sole than the other.  I don’t think  they are just a fad. I understand the mechanics of walking and running, and I like the idea that these shoes can increase the arch on the bottom of the foot. The Vibram 5Fs make sense in that regard. They feel safe, comfortable, but they are still a pain in the ass getting your toes in the proper slot. Although it is getting easier. I like wearing them during my workouts and other sport activities. I especially like the way they feel during my kettlebell workouts. They do look weird, but I have worn them to the office and most patients don’t even say a word about them.  I’ve only worn them on relatively short walks so far. No long walks or trail hiking yet. During the short walks outside, (about 30 minutes)  they’re fine.

If you feel motivated to go barefoot, by all means go barefoot. Wearing the Vibrams 5F feel safer to me on hot concrete, dirt, asphalt and uneven pavement. Wearing them allows you to naturally train yourself to lighten your step. 

Interesting side note, I feel happy when I get to take the V5Fs off at the end of the day. Let’s see what happens after another few weeks.

The next shoe I want to try is the RunAmoc from Soft Star Shoes. Any body have a pair yet?

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