Interval training session

By now you know the benefits of doing high intensity interval training as a way to boost your metabolism, not only during the workout, but for many hours after the workout is completed, allowing your body to burn more fat calories. This is called “afterburn”.  Many people do their interval training on a treadmill.  But what if you don’t have access to a treadmill, or want to stay home and do your interval routine?

Here is a great high intensity interval workout that you can do anywhere, even your home.  It consists of 6 rounds, where you’ll work hard for 1 minute, and then recover for 2 minutes with a moderate intensity exercise.  The total workout will take 18 minutes.  

60 seconds sprints (max effort), 120 seconds squats

60 seconds jumping jacks (max effort), 120 seconds lunge with twist

60 seconds squat  (max effort), 120 seconds side reaching lunges

60 seconds sprinting (max effort), 120 seconds alternating reverse lunges

60 seconds jumping jacks (max effort), 120 seconds alternating one legged reach

60 seconds squat (max effort), 120 seconds side planks (side bridges)

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