Elevated PSA

Elevated PSA indicates the possibility of prostate cancer.  But PSA levels can rise and fall based on factors other than cancer. Nearly two-thirds of all single PSA tests that indicate cancer end up being false positives. That’s a lot of unnecessary biopsies, unnecessary risk, and unnecessary heartache for men and family. 

An Austrian team found that a series of PSA tests taken over four years can predict prostate cancer much more accurately, and may also reveal the severity of the cancer.  This is important info for men–especially because for older men who have no need for overly aggressive treatment of slow-growing prostate cancer. 

The key in treatment is detecting the difference between slow-growing cancer and more aggressive, life-threatening cancer. 

Please don’t assume your doctor is aware of all of this. If you take a blood test and it shows a high PSA, talk to him about the next step, but know that the next step does not have to be a biopsy. 

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