Elevated LDL suggestions

“I just got back from my cardiologist my EKG and Stress tests. These were were fine. My bloodwork showed an LDL of 136.  CRP and homocysteine are fine. My total chol is 202.  The MD recommended the tiniest dose of Lipitor b/c I have a family history of cardio issues, and b/c with about 4g of fish oil per day, there has been very little change. What to do, what to do.. . .What do you suggest?”  

First off, ask your MD for another 3 months before making any decisions. Meanwhile we can work on your therapeutic lifestyle changes program. Several things come to mind:1. I know yoiu currently exercise but you must increase your exercise intensity.

2. Increase omega 3’s to 6 grams daily.

3. Check thyroid – get a panel done. If this is off it can influence the cholesterol & LDL.

4. Ideal LDL is 50-110. You aren’t that bad. What is your HDL/LDL ratio? Less than 2 is ideal.

5. You could use Red Yeast Rice extract. Use a small dose.

6. I would definitely go on Metagenics UltraMeal – 2 scoops once in the morning and another in the afternoon.


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