Black Coffee with cream only

I do enjoy a cup of coffee each morning and I believe that it has valuable anti-oxidant properties. I see alot of people get into trouble with coffee though. The coffee industry doesn’t want you to know that the average latte is worse than a double-scoop ice cream cone. No source of sugar is more stealth than the caffeine kicks dished out at coffee shops across America. Even an unflavored 16-ounce latte has close to 200 calories, and for the average person that represents nearly 10 percent of your daily energy requirements. Starbucks alone sells about two dozen drinks with more than 500 calories apiece. (And that’s not even counting the absurdly indulgent and overwrought Frappucinos.) Drink something like that once a day, and you’re facing at least an extra 50 pounds of flab each year!

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