Core Training: why 10 minutes a day can save you weeks of pain

Many patients come to see me feeling pain but without having a specific trauma or injury that they recall. This type of pain can be attributed to one thing: a lack of basic core muscle strength. Many people begrudge any time spent working out or they just don’t know what to do even if they did make the time. Yet about 10 minutes spent performing movement therapy or corrective exercise 5-6 times per week can be enough to help you prevent an injury and avoid low back pain. 

So in healing injuries – I suggest all of my clients integrate into their daily routine a minimum of 10 minutes of foam rolling tight muscles (self myofascial release),  stretching, and some floor exercises – these are the kind of exercises that you can do without equipment at home, on your own.

The key is being consistent and exercising daily – and progressively making the exercises harder. In my article on core training I give you full details how to get started.

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