What Are You Thinking?

Do you think more about good food to eat or more about what you are supposed to avoid? The first way of thinking leads to fulfillment and satisfaction, making you likely to eat less. The other leads to guilt and regret and the likelihood to eat more — something all of us want to avoid.

Here’s what you can do to develop a healthier attitude toward food.

First, think about good food to eat like more healthy protein. Eggs from free range chickens and grass-fed beef or bison are good choices. Next, eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. You can also enjoy a bit of dark chocolate now and again. A glass of organic wine most days won’t hurt either.

What should you do when your favorite foods aren’t too healthy? Don’t deprive yourself of them — just treat yourself occasionally.

According to Dr. Al Sears, “Having a healthy attitude toward food is as simple as enjoying the foods you eat, taking your time to taste them, and not worrying over the meal in front of you as you eat.”

Well said Dr. Sears.
Written by by Melanie Segala

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