Weight Loss Approach – Simple!

For a three week period,  follow this advice:

1) Limit alcohol intake to 1/2 glass or less of wine per day.

2) Stop drinking all soda’s,  including diet soda. Drink more water, green tea, and dilute with water V-8 juice (use 1/4 V-8 juice to 3/4 water). 

3) Increase (raw, steamed, cooked) vegetables and salads.

4) Cut back on fatty red meat. No fast food allowed.

5) Start taking Omega 3 fish oils from Metagenics (EPA-DHA 720). Take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Order these at

6) Take a daily shake in the morning called UltraMeal. Order these at

7) Walk 20-30 minutes five days per week. 

You will see improvement within 3 weeks time.

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