Weight loss

I spend a lot of my free time keeping up with the world of health, healing, fitness, and weight loss. I have heard about  most diet programs out there. In fact, at this point I’m pretty skeptical of any new diet program that comes across my desk. Look, we both know weight loss is not easy and the truth is, most diets are hard to follow.

I don’t have a ‘new weight loss program’,  rather I teach my clients the things that I have seen really work over my 27 years of practice – which is why I recommend either the Paleo diet or the Mediterranian Diet. Both are highly successful protocols. I recommend one or the other, or a combination of both. It all depends on who is sitting in front of me or who’s lab work I’m looking at. 

I typically help clients manage consistent, reliable weight loss. I have programs that can help my clients lose 1-2 pounds of FAT per week, or lose 3-5 pounds per week!  

I don’t want you to be  HUNGRY. I’m after seeing you enjoy more energy… and finally break the craving cycle that dooms almost every diet.

The problem with most diets is that without the optimum carb level, insulin spikes and your body stores fat instead of losing it. I encourage exercise and personally teach it to my clients, that way you won’t lose precious muscle mass.

If you want the summer of 2010 to be the year you finally regain your energy and health, call my office 310-473-2911.

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