Topical pain-reliever, which one do I recommend?

First off, did you know the FDA annnouced that dicoflenac gel (brand name Voltaren Gel) — often prescribed for arthritis pain –is linked to severe liver damage… and it can happen within the first month of use!

According to the FDA, this topical gel has been reported to cause liver necrosis (death of liver cells), jaundice, and liver failure!

Despite these horrible side effects, dicoflenac gel remains very much on the market.

Don’t risk your life to erase arthritis pain. Natural alternatives I recommend are over-the-counter Capsaicin cream (apply it 4 times a day) or Coolsens from Xymogen. Both are very helpful for arthritis pain relief. Just make sure you use it consistently for 3 weeks to get the best results.

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