Thyroid Supplements

One of the best known natural hypothyroid treatments is called Armour thyroid. This is desiccated thyroid from an animal and provides the complete range of thyroid hormones. Research shows that the thyroid hormone T3 is more active than T4 – in fact, it is roughly four times as strong as T4. In the body, all T4 hormones must be converted into T3 in order to control metabolism. Many patients do not have the enzymatic capability to make that conversion.

Synthroid, the most common drug prescribed for thyroid patients is T4.
Recently, the FDA has taken steps that would seem to signal the end of desiccated thyroid products like Armour. It appears that the FDA has asked several companies that produce natural desiccated thyroid to submit a new drug application for their products. Of course, these applications require research that costs millions of dollars. So the companies basically have no choice but to take their products off the market.

Many of my patients ask me if I offer a natural supplement for thyroid patients. I recommend T-150 made by XYMOGEN 1-800-647-6100

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