Protect your joints from age-related degeneration

As we age joints tend to become less flexible, full-range movement becomes more difficult and pain and stiffness ever more apparent. 
Nutrients of particular importance for healthy aging joints includes:
• Vitamin C for collagen formation;
• Omega-3 oils (from nuts, seeds, oily fish and wheat germ) for anti-inflammatory effects;
• Sulphur-containing amino acids (from some vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and dairy products) for joint cartilage health;
• Bioflavinoids (from all fruit and vegetables, and buckwheat) for anti-inflammatory effects and improved local circulation;
• Antioxidants (selenium and vitamin E) for protection against the damaging ‘free radicals’ that proliferate in the body with age;
• Zinc and copper for a range of protective benefits.
• Glucosamine sulphate for reducing pain and stiffness, increasing mobility and offsetting the joint space narrowing that typically occurs in degenerative conditions;
• Kaprex , which provides joint relief and elasticity;

In summary, to help prevent chronic joint pain and stiffness, nutritional supplements can make a big difference.

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