Let Me Teach You Interval Training

Do you love aerobics, long  runs, and long bike rides? I know you think you are burning  energy and hopefully from fat when you do them. But the truth is, long bouts of cardio may be a bad thing.  That’s because in response to the fat that was lost during exercise, your body will produce and store even more fat, to better prepare for the next time it’s called upon for energy.

When you do long cardio-type exercises, you could actually be training your body to store fat. You might even be losing  lean muscle mass and internal organ tissue instead of fat. The only way to really know is by getting a body fat (composition) analysis performed. I can do this for you in the office. This test should be performed on every person. It is easy to perform, very low cost ($30) and gives us tremendous information. 

The method of exercise I teach my clients is called “interval training”.  Unless you are training for a marathon, I’m not big on having clients  run long distances for extended periods of time. Short bursts (30 – 60 seconds) of intense weight lifting (dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight), running, sprinting, or cycling as fast as you can, then working out at a normal or slower pace for the next minute, and repeating this pattern is called “interval training” .

Your body was never meant to perform the same basic movements over and over, thousands of times.   This is what almost all “cardio” and weightlifting routines are about. When you replace these strategies with activities that mimic your challenges in a natural environment, the overall health results come much faster and easier.

High-intensity workouts will trigger the most benefits. This is how I help clients lose fat, develop a stronger heart and even reverse lung damage with short-duration high-intensity workout routines. Typical workouts might  last only 20 -30 minutes, four times per week. 

I’ll design workouts for you that will burn lots of fat calories,  in short amounts of time, and give you plenty of recovery time.


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