Lateral Knee Pain – Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Do you regularly walk and all of a sudden you started to run instead? Have you been a short dstance runner and then you decided to train for a marathon? As you increases in distance and load on your body, you start to develop soreness on the outside of the knee. As always, we hope and pray that this will go away, so you just kept running. Eventually the knee pain gets worse and the pain persists even while not running. Going up or down stairs could cause increased pain. That’s when I usually see people.

What’s the diagnosis? Iliotibial band friction syndrome (ITBFS), the most common cause of chronic outside of the knee pain in runners.

Excessive rubbing of the tight connective tissue band over the outer edge of the femur (main leg bone) – is under scientific challenge. In 2007, researchers put forward an alternative “compression” theory of the cause of pain, based on a new understanding of how the ITB works.

Treatment starts with checking you out for any training error and faulty biomechanics. Excessive tightnesses and weaknesses in the key muscles around the hip and knee need to be addressed. You can bet I will teach you how to use the foam roll, strectch, and strengthen key areas. ITB tightness can continue to be a problem for the runner if they still have muscle imbalances around the hip and pelvis.

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