Kettlebells: Why I use Them In My Practice

Kettlebells are for everyone. They will improve your strength, power, speed, suppleness and agility. Research has also shown that kettlebells are beneficial in achieving weight loss and I use them daily as part of my injury rehabilitation programs.
For the past 3 years I have seen the huge benefits to my clients in the office and in my workout classes with kettlebell training.
So regardless of your sport or if you’re trying to lose weight or even recover from injury, I will be glad to train you and give you advice that will help you achieve whatever your goal.
The benefits of kettlebell training:
Kettlebells are unique in that they come in style – a cannonball with a handle, but the weight varies depending on you.

Who would you rather have teach you how to train? I will teach you the exercises specific for your condition, and how to perform them at home, on your own.

Some of the benefits that you will receive:
– Kettlebell training will improve strength, speed, agility and suppleness- these are hugely important attributes to healthy aging.
– It gets the posterior chain functioning correctly: this means you are not only strengthening the likes of your hamstrings, gluteals and spinal erectors but you are doing so at the same time!
– When the kettlebell swings back and forth between your legs the force created is 3.75 times that of the weight of the kettlebell: this is ideal for strengthening the lower back.
– The pumping action of many kettlebell exercises re-hydrates the discs in the vertebral columns- this will keep the discs spongy and reduce friction in the spine
– Kettlebells improve your coordination, which teaches you how to stabilise the body during exercise. This is vital in avoiding injury.
– You work the inner core muscles that are so often forgotten about- this prevents, amongst other things, the formation of that unwanted beer gut look!
Kettlebells are more beneficial than conventional weight lifting
Why? Because dumbbells don’t move around the hand in the same manner and don’t offset their weight in the same way.
The range of movement available using kettlebells is unmatchable allowing you to increase your flexibility and agility the same time your are increasing your strength.

Call me to schedule your one on one kettlebell training session.

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