“I need to lose weight, about 50 pounds”

This person told me he’s addicted to fast food, carbs, and hates to exercise. He’s on statins for high cholesterol; he’s tried different methods of drugs for weight loss. His question is ” What supplements can I take & what will help me get started again?”

Answer: First off, I recommend you start a walking program. Build up to 30 minutes 5 days a week. There is no  pill to substitute for exercise. It’s not so much about burning extra calories, you need to reboot your hormones. We need to shift your metabolism and get your  body to burn fat. After 3 weeks of walking and creating a foundation of exercise time, you’ll need to increase the intensity of the exercise.  

I guess you figured out that over-the-counter fat-blockers and prescription diet drugs were not the answer to your weigh loss goals.

The answer to your question is no secret. Fill your meals & snacks with HEALTHY food that tastes good to you. Read some of my posts about food choices. I hardly ever recommend counting calories, but maybe for you it is a good choice. Generally speaking, for one pound of fat loss per week  to occur, you need to decrease your calories by 500 per day or have a 3,500 calorie deficit per week. For some people it’s as easy as getting rid of a bagel with cream cheese, a soda, or a muffin a day. Plus add in the walking calories and you are on target. By having a Body Composition Analysis test done in the office, I can tell you the amount of calories you can consume per day, plus the amount of protein you need to consume. 

The total caloric intake for a burger, fries, soda and iced coffee add up to 1,250! That’s just one meal. This is why making healthy food choices assures us that you’ll lose weight. Avoid boxed and processed foods because these are loaded with trans fats and artificial chemicals. 

The statins you take to control cholesterol, are they making your muscles sore? If you get muscle soreness and have stopped moving around because you ache (lack of COQ10) we need to deal with that issue too.  Statins also can slow down production of your sex hormones. That could lead to erectile dysfunction and will make you depressed in a hurry. Depressed people seek food for comfort.

You are going to need a personalized program to hit that 50 pound goal. I act as an ‘accountablity partner’  for my clients. I’ll help you, or get someone else to support you. Make sure your hormones are balanced – especially check thyroid. Hypothyroidism is an extremely common cause for weight gain and it’s easy to correct with meds or natural alternatives. When balanced, excess weight comes off, the cravings ease up, and your fat-burning potential increases. One hormone that often needs reducing is insulin. It spikes after you eat fast food. Chronically elevated insulin has been linked to Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity and type 2 diabetes. It comes down when you eat more vegetables which ‘feed’ your body rather than just filling it up with empty calories. 

Ask your doctor to measure your thyroid,  sex hormones and DHEA hormone levels. If they’re low you may need thyroid therapy, (estrogen for women) testosterone, or DHEA cream or supplements. DHEA helps balance a stress hormone called cortisol which is associated with belly fat.

I recommend taking UltraMeal Plus medical food shakes. UltraMeal Plus ( is a medical food formulated with a proprietary soy protein and plant sterol blend to nutritionally support the management of conditions associated with metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Make sure you have a shake every morning and another in the afternoon as meal replacements or snacks.

Start with these recommendations and get back to me.

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