I have Atherosclerosis – what supplements should I take?

The best  answer is to improve your overall diet & provide supportive supplements. High amounts of glucose cross-bind with protein molecules in the vascular system resulting in plaque formation. Therefore, the diet needs to be low in simple sugars, but high in complex carbohydrates such as vegetables.  A Paleo-Mediterranean approach with high fiber is one approach I have seen work. You have to trust that the latest research continues to shown that a low glycemic diet is more effective than a low fat diet. 

The supportive supplements from Metagenics would include:

Wellness Essentials™ formula — 2 packets daily.  These include the key vitamins & minerals and essential fatty acids.

Cardiogenics Intensive Care — 2 tablets twice daily between meals. Cardiogenics Intensive Care is a comprehensive heart muscle support formula that features extracts of hawthorn and arjuna with a history of traditional use supporting the heart, possibly by helping to maintain blood vessel dilation and healthy blood pressure already within the normal range. Complementing these herbs is a blend of amino acids and minerals—including magnesium, potassium, and calcium—that play important roles in heart muscle function.

E-Complex 1:1 — 2-4 softgels daily with meals. E-Complex-1:1 is a unique, natural vitamin E supplement that features a 1:1 ratio of alpha- to gamma-tocopherol; this ratio more closely resembles the tocopherol profile found naturally in vitamin E-rich plants.

EPA/DHA 720 2 softgels 2-3 times daily with meals. Studies indicate that omega-3 fatty acids (EPA-DHA) may protect against decreases in cerebral blood flow and cerebral edema in the presence of an acute carotid occlusion. ltraMeal® Plus 360° — 2 scoops twice daily.  UltraMeal® Plus 360° is a medical food formulated to provide specialized, multi-mechanistic nutritional support for patients with metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease by supplying a combination of acacia extract, reduced iso-alpha acids (RIAA), plant sterols, and heart-healthy soy protein and isoflavones. UltraMeal is used in treating obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. 

High Concentrate EPA-DHA Liquid™ 1 tsp. twice daily. High Concentrate EPA-DHA Liquid provides at least 2,800 mg per serving of EPA, DHA, and other puritycertified, omega-3 essential fatty acids in triglyceride form.

Mag Glycinate™ –  2 tablets twice daily with meals.

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A consistent exercise program will need to be incorporated into your life.

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