Dr. Tucker – I heard you use high dose vitamin therapy?

A lot of my clients are serious about getting off of prescription meds so I do use high dose supplements and I encourage healthy diets. If my clients get good results, very often there MD can lower the meds or take them off of the meds entirely. I don’t mess around with weak doses and inferior brands! 
What are the common supplements you use high doses? 

Vitamin D3. I like to see a dose of at least 2-3 of grams per day. (people with high blood levels of vitamin D are less likely to develop artery disease, and FAR less likely to experience heart failure.)

If clients are on statin drugs I use Lipotain by Metagenics. It has niacin and Guggul Extract in it. I also include UltraMeal Plus to help lower cholesterol and help clients to decrease statin use. 

All of my students know I’m big on fish oil with high potency omega-3 fatty acids. I have had chronic pain patients use up to 8-10 grams a day! 

I use Coenzyme Q10 in a form NanoCellQ10. 

Those are just some examples. 

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