Do I Perform Core Training?

Absolutely, positively. yes! A weak core makes you susceptible to lower back pain, poor posture and a whole host of muscle injuries. Strong core muscles provide the brace of support needed to help prevent such pain and injury.

Andrew van Rensberg states:

“By strengthening the core trunk muscles, we are, in effect, improving the efficiency with which sporting movements are carried out. Up to a 10% increase in efficiency has been noted in top swimmers. A 10% improvement in an elite athlete is a massive achievement – one that could take years of strength training and technique modification to achieve.

And all this can be achieved by a process as simple as allowing the correct muscles to carry out the correct tasks, without compensation.”

 I teach core training as part of my rehab protocols.

The benefits of core training include •Better posture More control Improved, more powerful performance Injury prevention and rehabilitation Increased protection and “bracing” for your back A more stable center of gravity A more stable platform for sports movements

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