Broken Bone Nutrition

Question: I have a fighter that broke his left fibula (about 2 ” above the lat malleolus) & had a plate inserted.  He re-broke the bone under the plate again; rehabbed it and now has a fight here (San Jose) this weekend.  He claims that the area feels very weak.  What nutritionally would you recommend for him if anything?

Answer: Cal Matrix by Metagenics 2 tabs three times daily.

Increase protein so that he gets his lean muscle mass amount in grams of protein per day.

Vitamin D3 10,000 daily for one week, then 5,000 daily.

Increase his Vitamin K either with lots of these various foods or supplements: 

(mcg per 3½ oz) 

Kale  (729)

Beef liver (92)

Green tea (712)

 Asparagus (57)

Turnip greens (650)

 Watercress (57)

Spinach (415)

Cheese (35)

Broccoli (200)

 Oats (20)

Lettuce (129)

Peas (19)

Cabbage (125)

Whole wheat (17)



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