Paleo-Mediterranean Diets

I love two diets – the Mediterranean diet (MD) and the Paleo diet (PD). I make my recommendations depending on the client sitting in front of me. Both diets help lower cholesterol, decrease inflammation and are high in antioxidants. The MD has helped people with depression improve. Both plans offer many health benefits.

Regular consumption of onions cooked with olive oil (two elements of the Mediterranean diet & the Paleo) helps manage blood pressure.

Both diets help metabolic syndrome patients:

  • Lower C-reactive protein and triglyceride levels
  • Lower body weight significantly
  • Increase HDL cholesterol
  • Decrease glucose levels
  • Decrease insulin resistance
  • Improve blood pressure

A higher intake of Mediterranean diet foods was associated with a significantly lower risk of asthma. In addition, nasal inflammation, itchy, watery eyes, and wheezing all improved.

Extra Virgin Olive oil & coconut oil is used for both plans.

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