Strategies for Life Extension

This is a post that mentions the current methods scientists are telling us we can extend our lifespan:
Calorie restriction:
– 30% overall reduction but it must be nutritionally adequate –
– Excessive restriction leads to muscle wasting
– Proven to increase mean life span
– — Rodents restricted to 40-60% of calories: 65% increase in mean life span
– — 50% increase in maximum life span if restrictions start before puberty

– increase mean life span by 30% for mammals
– no proven increase in maximum life span
– some studies are contradictory

Sirtuin activators (resveratrol)
– prolong life span of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by 70%
– increased life span for fruit flies, nematodes, killifish

In addition, I believe we need manual joint therapy and the use of the Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) that allows our joints to maintain mobility and stability; our muscles need to maintain mass through proper strength training; we need to maintain lung capacity by doing some cardio sprint work, and our diet needs to include proper antioxidants.
I recommend the Mitochondrial Renewal Kit by XYMOGEN and the XYMOGEN functional food shake called i5 as part of meeting life extension goals.

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