Oncoplex SGS – What you need to know about broccoli

– Found in broccoli (sprouts & seeds), Brussel sprouts & Kale.
Most potent transcription inducer of phase II & III detoxification & antioxidant enzymes via Nrf2.
– Increases production of antimicrobial peptides
– Bacteriocidal against H. pylori
– Anti-inflammatory: indirect inhibition of COX-2 enzymes
– Protective against airway inflammation (asthma, COPD, diesel exhaust)
– Decreases endothelial inflammation (diabetes, CVD); lowers blood pressure & LDL-cholesterol in lab animals.
– Protection against ARMD
– Neuroprotective against Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s & Huntington’s Disease
– Resveratrol & sulphoraphane may be a viable approach for the treatment of glioma (Neurochemical research. 35(1):152-161, Jan 2010)
– May offer a possible treatment option for RA (Arthritis & Rheumatism. 62(1):159-170, 2010)
– Potential treatment for oxidant-induced airway disease (Riedl MA et al)
– Anti-inflammatory effects (Juurlink B, et al 2004)
– Protects against oxidative damage to retinal pigments in the eyes (age related macular degeneration) (Xiangqum, G et al 2004)
– A broccoli rich diet was found to perturb several pathways that lead to prostate cancer, including growth factor pathways, inflammation and insulin signaling (Traca M, et al 2008)
– Sulforaphane delayed the appearance of tumors (Zhang, Y et al 1994)

To get these benefits I recommend OncopPLEX ES. It provides 290-320 mmol/gram of Sulforaphane – the amount found in approximately 3.75 pounds of broccoli!!!

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