Dr. Tucker on Parkinson’s Disease

“Dear Dr. Tucker. My Mother is showing early signs of Parkinson’s Disease. Do you have any nutritional recommendations?”

RESPONSE: Based on research by Flint Beal, Parkinsonism Relat Disord. 2009 Dec; 15 Suppl 3:S189-94
A large body of evidence from postmortem brain tissue and genetic analysis in humans, as well as biochemical and pathological studies in animal models of neurodegeneration suggest that mitochondrial dysfunction is a key pathological mechanism in Parkinson’s Disease.

A promising approach for increasing antioxidant defenses is to increase the activity of pathways (Nrf2/ARE) which activates transcription of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant genes. A number of agents including sulforaphane, curcumin and triterpenoids have been shown to activate this pathway to produce neuroprotective effects.

This means the most effective foods or supplements include:
Sulforaphane (broccoli, brussle sprouts), curcumin & ginger, resveratrol, quercitin, alpha lipoic acid, rosemary, ginko biloba, garlic, cinnamon, green tea, milk thistle, organic coffee, wasabi.

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